Bjux Fashion Reviews: Don’t Buy Them Until You Read This!{2023}

Bjux Fashion Reviews
Bjux Fashion Reviews

Bjux declares itself to be a fashion-focused online retailer that offers a broad selection of women’s clothes jewellery, accessories, and other items with incredibly low prices. 

But, it is important to be aware that Bjux isn’t a legitimate or reputable site. Bjux fashion reviews will examine the site’s shortcomings. In this post we will examine the negative aspect of Bjux and provide a better understanding of the reasons why it is best to stay clear of.

What exactly is Bjux Fashion Reviews?

It’s an online retailer of fashion with a broad selection of clothes, jewelry and accessories. Their selection includes a variety of tops such as sweatshirts, blouses, shirts as well as hoodies, tees camis and tank tops.

No matter if you’re looking for an informal or formal outfit, Bjux has you covered with their collection of long-sleeved tops and sweaters. For outerwear, they provide an array of fashionable coats that will make you feel warm, and stylish.

Bjux also has a wide collection of bottoms, which includes skirts, denim shorts, jeans pants, shorts and pants in a variety of styles and fits. Their dresses are sure to impress with options that range from mini to midi, and maxi dresses. If you’re looking for a cohesive outfit, Bjux offers two-piece sets which are available as pants sets, dresses or even short sets.

Bjux Fashion Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Bijoux Collection has a mox reputation on the internet. Here are some positive and negative comments that have been said by people concerning this collection. Bijoux Collection:

Review Positives

Here are a few positive comments that people have written concerning Bijoux Collection:

  • Its quality product is top-notch. People love the look and feels. They claim that the jewelry is well-crafted and lasts for a long time.
  • The variety of products is a wide selection. Bijoux Collection carries an array of watches, jewelry and accessories, meaning there’s something for every person.
  • Service for customers is outstanding. People say that the employees in Bijoux Collection are friendly and helpful, and constantly go that extra mile to ensure that their customers are happy.

Negative reviews

The reviews from customers about Bjux Fashion are mostly negative. Many customers have complained of receiving items that were different or less than the items they ordered.

  • “I ordered an item at Bjux however it came out totally different from the image. The quality was also low. I tried to reach customer service but didn’t get a reply.” Sarah J. Sarah J.
  • “I ordered jeans from Bjux but they didn’t show up. I tried contacting Bjux customer service, but they were in no way. I’m stuck with $50 and I’ll never buy from them ever again.” Mary M. Mary M.
  • “I ordered the necklace from Bjux but the necklace was damaged upon arrival. I tried to reach customer service, but they said they were unable to fix it. I’m really disappointed with the customer service they provide.” Susan S. Susan S.


  • Low cost
  • A wide range of items
  • Simple checkout process


  • Fake products
  • Poor customer service
  • No Refund policy

Red Flags

The red flags that go along with Bjux:

  • The website was created recently The domain name of Bjux has been registered since the 17th of April, 2006 This is a typical indication of a fake website designed to trick customers for a short amount of time, before vanishing.
  • Suspicious ownership of the company: Bjux is owned by a firm called “BJUX,” known for operating multiple online stores that are scams and ripping off customers who are not aware of the scam.
  • There is no physical address: Bjux does not divulge any information regarding its physical address this is unusual since legitimate brands and companies usually disclose this information to build confidence.
  • No contact information: Bjux does not provide a valid phone number for their business which is another warning sign that legitimate brands and businesses typically provide the number of a assistance with customers.
  • Prices and promotions that are not real: Bjux offers discounts and sales offers that seem too appealing to be true usually reducing prices by 70 percent or up to 80 percent. This is a tactic commonly employed by fraudsters to entice customers into buying cheap or counterfeit products.
  • Copy content Bjux’s website has stolen images and content of legitimate stores showing a lack in authenticity and credibility.
  • Insufficient the presence of social media: Bjux does not have a presence on social media or hyperlinks to social media sites that is not typical for a store online that claims to sell trendy and fashionable items.
  • customer complaints While Bjux does not provide genuine customer reviews on their website customer complaints include bad product quality, wrong size, issues reaching customer service, as well as unauthorised charges to credit cards.

Be aware of these warnings before looking to purchase from Bjux or other similar websites.

Is Bjux Fashion Legit

Bjux Fashion is not a legitimate site. It has a number of red flags commonly associated with scam websites, for example:

Newly created: 

The domain name for Bjux Fashion was registered in 2006 but the site was launched in 2022. This indicates that the site isn’t as authentic as it claims to be.

Suspicious ownership of the company: 

Bjux Fashion is controlled by a company named “BJUX,” which has gained notoriety through the operation of several scam stores on the internet and defrauding innocent customers.

The absence of a physical address or contact details: 

There is no physical address or contact information that is listed in Bjux Fashion’s website. Bjux Fashion website. It is therefore difficult for you to reach the company should you encounter any issues regarding your order.

False prices and offers: 

Bjux Fashion offers items at prices considerably lower than that of legitimate stores. That’s a red signal, since it is commonly used by scammers to trick unwary customers into purchasing cheap or fake goods.

Copycat content: 

The Bjux Fashion website has material that is duplicated from various websites. It is an indication of red flags because it indicates that the business isn’t innovative or original.

The absence of a social media presence: 

Bjux Fashion does not have a presence on social media. This is not typical for an online retailer since social media can be a powerful instrument for businesses to communicate with their customers and establish confidence.

Customers’ complaints: 

The company has received many complaints regarding Bjux Fashion from customers who were not able to receive their purchases or received products of poor quality, or have had trouble contacting customer support.

Based on the red flags mentioned above, it’s clear there is a good chance that Bjux Fashion is not a legitimate site. We recommend against buying from Bjux Fashion in order to protect yourself from possible frauds and problems regarding product quality or customer service.

What to do if You’ve Shopped on Bjux?

What you should do if bought something from Bjux:

Check the status of your order: 

Go to the Bjux website and sign into your account. If your order is in process or pending there is the chance that you’ll get your order. If, however, your order was marked “shipped” but you haven’t received it, it’s likely that you’ve been fraudulently scammed.

Contact Bjux support: 

Try to contact Bjux customer service to find out how they can assist you. But, be aware that many scam websites offer no or ineffective customer service.

You can file a dispute with the bank: 

If you paid the purchase with credit card, then you are able to submit a dispute to the company that handles your credit card. This will let you return your purchase if you don’t receive your purchase, or if the item is not what you expected.

Scams should be reported to police: 

You can report the fraud directly to Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or your local law enforcement agency. This will assist them in identify the perpetrators and get them in jail.


Bjux Fashion raises numerous red warnings that suggest it’s not a reputable or reliable website. From its newest creation and questionable company ownership, to the lack of contact information or complaints from customers, it’s obvious there is a reason why Bjux Fashion should be avoided. To ensure a secure and enjoyable buying experience on the internet, it’s advised to stay away from Bjux Fashion and opt for trusted and reliable alternatives.


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