Bang & Olufsen Beosound A5 Review: Is It Worth Your Money?{MAY-2023}

Bang & Olufsen Beosound A5 Review
Bang & Olufsen Beosound A5 Review

In line with the standard operating procedure as is the norm for Bang & Olufsen, the Beosound A5 battery-powered portable wireless speakers is a style-driven unique product that comes that has a price tag of a substantial. However, despite the extravagant appearance of its design The A5 is an all-business model.

It’s designed with durability in mind. It’s constructed from top-quality materials that are of a top standard. Because of a well-designed control software It’s an example of good ergonomics. It’s battery-powered enough to last for a whole day, and the capability to make a room sound. Most importantly it has a sound that is well-balanced engaging, convincing and completely captivating.

This isn’t ideal, however there isn’t anything in the realm of consumer electronic devices is. It could benefit from broader-range Bluetooth codec compatibility, as well as certain details about the kind of resolution music files that it could handle would be helpful. It claims to provide 360-degree audio, but it’s not able to live up to the promises. Let’s not forget that it costs (relatively being fair) one arm an arm.

However, despite these flaws, the A5 offers a compelling argument to justify itself. In the end, prospective Bang & Olufsen customers understand the business’s procedures and know that a single product is sold at a single price. If you’re not scoffing at the idea of paying more than twice the amount that you’ll pay for the Sonos Move will cost you, then the Beosound A5 is unlikely to be a disappointment.

What can you expect from the price?

Let’s address the (very expensive) large ogre in the room right away the Bang & Olufsen Beosound A5 can be described as, in accordance with current norms, quite expensive. With a price of PS899 (minimum for the dark oak version is just a fraction shy of PS1K) It’s over twice the cost for any one of the wireless portable speakers we’ve recommended previously.

The PS899 Bang & Olufsen way to buy you an battery-powered wireless speaker that measures 285x130x187mm and weighs 3.7kg it’s created, as far as we’re able to tell it to resemble something that resembles a picnic basket. Bang & Olufsen will tell that it’s a direct ancestor from its famous Beolit products from the past (the 6007, 800, and 1000 specifically) Design partners GamFratesi Studio suggest it is an ode to the shape of a Panama hat. Take a second look and let us know if that we’re not right when we say picnic basket.

It’s the norm for Bang & Olufsen, and in line with the price it, this Beosound A5 is flawlessly constructed with top-quality materials. The woven layer that runs around the four sides of the speaker is made composed of paper fibre, which is tough and durable. The top and bottom plates are made of anodised aluminium and feel as great as they appear. The handle for carrying is made from beautiful finished oak and has a B&O-branded pin that holds it in place at each end. The physical controls on side of the device are small-travel buttons that sit beneath a rubberised layer. Additionally, there’s an Qi charging pad that lets you charge your phone while it streams music to the speaker. Contrary to your fully-realistic expectations, the way that the Beosound A5 is built and completed is a step towards making sense of the price.

Controls physically (power on/off and play/pause buttons as well as skip forwards and backwards the volume of up/down as well as Bluetooth pairing) are coupled by four buttons that are preset that’s function can be defined within the Bang & Olufsen Music control application. It is likely that you’ll like to use these buttons as shortcuts to your favorite radio stations (the app comes with both Bang & Olufsen Radio and TuneIn integrated) or playlists you like (the application allows you to connect the Deezer account and the A5’s wireless 6 connectivity allows for Apple AirPlay 2, Chromecast, Spotify Connect and Tidal Connect are also available).

It is stable and has a wide range of functions and much easier on the eyes than a variety of other options. It lets you monitor the battery’s lifespan, set the sound of the speaker to match the specific setting, check for updates to software or changes, set a default or max volume, and alter EQ levels by using the sliders, and the very attractive design known as Beosonic. It also allows users to connect the A5 in an audio combination (with an additional A5) or into a multi-room system comprised of other speakers with a Mozart design within Bang & Olufsen’s lineup. Bang & Olufsen lineup.

Mozart is the title that the company uses to describe its present hardware and software platform. It’s designed to make the system easy to maintain and simple to fix, and it makes it easy to replace if the necessity (following technological advancements such as) arise. It also enables Bang & Olufsen to extend the lifespan of the A5 beyond the initial time frame due to the modularity of the design permits recycling, reusing, and even remanufacturing or repurposing. According to the company is “circularity”.

What were we most impressed with what we liked about it?

You’ll have to decide for yourself about how it looks. Beosound A5 looks, of course however, there’s no doubt about its quality of sound it produces. It’s the most powerful portable wireless speaker that’s currently on the market which is a great thing in light of how expensive it is.

The balance of tonal tone it displays in particular is extremely constant from the lowest frequency range all the way to the top and is convincingly neutral and natural at every level. Balance Bang & Olufsen has struck between realism and excitement using the A5 is remarkable indeed.

There’s a lot of low-end frequency in this but it’s clear that the Beosound A5 is no blunt instrument. Bass sounds are well-shaped with precision, controlled expertly and loaded with a rich and detailed sound. fine. So not just are they extremely informative, but the rhythmic expression and a blatant acceleration are also excellent. In addition the speaker smacks extremely high when music calls for it.

The opposite side of the frequency spectrum is also incredibly detailed and controlled. There’s a zing and sparkle to the treble sound however there is no hardness or gritty sound – rather the top part of the spectrum shines. Beosound A5 Beosound A5 attacks high frequencies with aplomb, while keeping the information level high while it does.

What’s remarkable about this is the fact that it’s the Beosound A5 doesn’t alter its behavior or style even when played at high volume (and it’s true that’significant’ volume’ is on the menu). It stays calm and composed without sounding strained or overdriven. It simply becomes louder. Its soundstage it generates is large compared to the chassis it’s created only gives the sense of confident quality, top-of-the-line performance.

What can be improved?

It’s not clear why Bang & Olufsen doesn’t publish the specifications of its resolution for the Beosound’s digital-to-analogue converter chipset isn’t clear. It’s obvious that those with lots of money to invest in wireless speakers need to know whether it’s a high-resolution product isn’t it? Of course, if it’s sounding great, then whether it’s really hi-res doesn’t matter. either of them however if a company does not have to tick several boxes when charging for uber-premium prices for a product, then when exactly do they?

Why isn’t it the Beosound A5 compatible with any Bluetooth codecs other than the standard and unexceptional SBC and AAC variants? A myriad of economical alternatives for the A5 are compatible with superior LDAC and aptX codes – and there’s no two ways to say it they sound superior. Imagine how it would sound like if the Beosound A5 would sound like in the event that it was correctly specified in this respect…

Do you need to buy it?

There are a myriad of reasons to purchase the Bang and Olufsen Beosound A5. The appearance is stunning (if you are a fan of this kind of thing) and the satisfaction of ownership is high due to the exceptional craftsmanship and finishing It’s also undoubtedly the most impressive wireless, portable speaker powered by batteries currently available. The quality of the sound on a basis of pounds-for-pound is a very open issue, however, in terms of absolutes it’s definitely the best there is no doubt about it.

However it’s the pound-for pound aspect that’s the issue. If you’re looking to purchase the Bang & Olufsen A5, you must be in a position to justify the cost of PS899 in your own mind. You must also take into consideration the fact that top-quality portable, battery-powered speakers with high-performance such as DALI or Sonos (to only mention two) are just a fraction of the cost of the B&O. If you’re able to afford this, however, the most enjoyable picnic you’ve have ever been to is in the soon-to-come the near…


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