Bad Effect Of Deteriorating Environment On Unborn Child: Concern{2023} Read Here!

Bad Effect Of Deteriorating Environment On Unborn Child
Bad Effect Of Deteriorating Environment On Unborn Child

Natural disasters related to climate change are already displacing millions of people! At the same time, due to this deteriorating environment is having a wide impact on health.

It is having a bad effect on the health of children even before coming into the world. This has been claimed in a recently released report by WHO, UNICEF and Maternal, Newborn and Child Health.

This Joint Report Titled ‘Born too soon:

Decade of action on preterm birth’ has been released. It highlights both the direct and indirect effects of climate change. According to the report, not only the air is getting spoiled due to methane and black carbon, but also the cases of death of newborns are increasing. Air pollution was the cause of 20 percent of newborn deaths worldwide in the year 2020! The report also states that 91 percent of premature infant deaths occur due to air pollution in low- and middle-income countries.

India Has the Highest Number of Premature Births:

Most newborn deaths are due to premature birth and low birth weight! Premature births and stillbirths are also increasing rapidly due to extreme heat. India had the highest number of premature births in 2020! At the same time, more than three quarters of preterm babies were born in Pakistan, Nigeria and China in 2020!

16% of Babies Likely to be Born Prematurely Due to Extreme Heat:

Climate change has harmful effects during the delivery period, according to the report! It increases the risk of premature birth, just as air pollution from burning fossil fuels increases the risk by 52 percent in mothers with asthma! 16% of babies are likely to be born prematurely due to extreme heat!

Household Air Pollution Caused 15.6% Low Birth Weight:

15.6% low birth weight and 35.7% premature births due to household air pollution! A study of 92 pregnant women in The Gambia found that each additional degree Celsius in extreme heat stress caused a 17 percent increase in stress on the fetus, specifically increased fetal heart rate and blood pressure through the umbilical cord. The flow started slowing down! According to experts, apart from climate change, storms, floods, droughts, wildfires and air pollution, pregnancy is being affected due to food insecurity, water or food borne diseases.

These Countries Have the Highest Number of Premature Births (2020)

  • country number of children
  • India – 30,16,700
  • Pakistan – 914,000
  • Nigeria – 7,74,100
  • China – 7,52,900
  • Ethiopia – 495,900

(Note: live births before 37 weeks of pregnancy are considered preterm births!)

One in Ten Born Prematurely

According to the report, in 2020, 1.34 crore preterm babies were born worldwide. 1 in 10 babies was born prematurely, which is 9.9% of all live births! Premature birth rate highest in South Asia! Here in 2020, 13.2% of babies were born prematurely, while in East Asia, Southeast Asia, North America, Europe, Australia less than 8% were born prematurely! In 2020, 45% of premature babies were born in just five countries! These include countries like India, Pakistan, Nigeria, China and Ethiopia.

Preterm Birth Rate is Highest in These Countries (as of 2020)

  • Bangladesh -16.2%
  • Malawi -14.5%
  • Pakistan -14.4%
  • India -14.3%
  • South Africa – 13.0%

{91 percent of preterm child deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries.}
{Storms, floods, droughts and water and food borne diseases affecting pregnancy.}

Final Words

According to WHO and UNICEF, 20% of newborn deaths in the year 2020 were due to air pollution!


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