Asvaf Reviews: Is It Worth Your Money? Genuine Detail Here!{June-2023}

Asvaf Reviews
Asvaf Reviews

If you are looking for an Asvaf review? Then you are at the right place as we will give you with a brief description of the website. 

All you have to do is look through our website to find out if this you are dealing with an fraud or a reputable company.

What exactly is

It’s an online shop that offers clothes and fashion items such as cardigans, sweaters and dresses, tops two-piece sets as well as other items. There are many things you need to be aware of before selecting it as your preferred shopping site.

Asvaf has been classified by the FBI as being one of the shady websites due to the following shortcomings on its site:

Company Address:

It has used it’s parent’s company’s name in its Terms of Service and Contact Us pages under the name XBP INTERNATIONAL LTD. There are a lot of other sites with the same name of their parent company including Moroby, Vrilu, Lsoru, Anutal, Crigne, Elbyo, Luyla, Klynu, Krury, Anzyo, Kacline, Anliia, Rycula, Ceyey, Lepyl, Pewoll, Nenul, Coacia, Holliea, Orvaf, Aljok, Deuyo, Kofyr, Cinaey, Yayyz, Llusy, Moohia, Olzune, Geymy, Zaruy, Cayred, Vaugu, Esduz, Fodyc, Stobey, Daphio, Prytty, Cysue, Erhars, Anxat, Klylo, Vanayia, Syewo, Melyp, Fufes, Alxye, Abilvia, etc. Therefore, we will not be able to trust this company to conduct any online shopping.

At the moment of this review it has listed its parent company’s name and address XBP INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, but in the near future, it could change the name of its parent company and address as other sites have had to change their parent names and addresses in the past.

The security of the website

It has put an untrue trust seal of McAfee on it’s Checkout page. If you purchase from this website the personal and financial information , including your credit card number could be taken.

Discount and Sales Offers:

It claims to offer numerous products at steep discounts. It is important to know that fraud sites offer large discounts to draw customers to their fraud.

Copy content:

We discovered that the product images that are used in its catalog don’t have any uniqueness, so it’s possible that the website copied images from other sites or simply selling clothing or other items. There are a lot of information on its site, including the website’s theme, which is compatible with several problematic websites.

Exchanges and Returns:

The site has an Exchange/Return policy that is found to be a bit insufficient for the exchange and return of items. Therefore, it’s almost impossible to obtain the full amount back from these kinds of sites because of their unclear policies.

Delivery and Customer Complaints:

The support for customers as well as the delivery time of sites that are similar to this one is extremely poor, as indicated by the complaints from users of similar websites.

Our Final Verdict:

Based on the above-mentioned facts Based on the above information, a conclusion is that Moroby is among the websites that are considered to be suspicious.


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