23andMe Review: Is It Legit Or Scam?{MAY-2023} Genuine Read!

23andMe Review
23andMe Review

If you’re looking to find out something about your genetic make-up There’s no shortage of companies that can help you comb through your genes. 23andMe is among them. most well-known, with prior investments in the past from Google as well as GlaxoSmithKline.

Similar to other similar tests it will reveal the location of your family’s roots geographically, and help you discover your ancestral ancestors. If there are other people who share a bit of your DNA with you on 23andMe, they’ll even allow you to contact them.

While the majority of its competitors concentrate exclusively on ancestry research, 23andMe has an undiscovered weapon: If you opt for the more costly package, you will get insight into your overall health. 23andMe is distinct from its competitors by offering health screenings and an ancestry test


  • Offers health information
  • A user-friendly website with easy-to-follow explanations
  • Can you export the results to other websites?


  • It isn’t possible to import results from another source.
  • Ancestry side is weak in comparison to, um Ancestry
  • Do you have the ability to deal with bad health news?

What you should be aware of

23andMe is just something you can actually are able to hold. The kit is sent to you for testing that you pour into the tube, then place it in the post (postage includes in cost of the product). About a month later you’ll receive a notification that your account on the internet is stuffed with details about your lineage as well as (if you purchased the version that was more expensive) health.

This is the basic information but there’s a lot more to this. There are many different DNA tests available. made equal. 23andMe has all the bases covered by conducting tests for autosomal, the Y-DNA and mtDNA, which puts it ahead of of its competitors. If you’ve been unable to get through that statement, the short but short version is about as comprehensive as it gets However, I’ve written an elaborate explanation inside our handy guide for the most reliable DNA tests for those who want to learn more. This is my opinion, however:

“An autosomal test reveals the entire lineage, however it it becomes mixed up after 4 to 5 generations. MtDNA and Y-DNA tests do not trace back to the other half of the family tree However, they can go much farther and are useful for proving that you have a common ancestor that could be dating back as far as 10,000 years ago.”

There are additional ways to look at it that women aren’t able to take Y-DNA tests, but male relatives are able to fill in the results for them, for instance. Really, just read the section.

However, the main point is that using three different types of DNA tests is crucial, as 23andMe lets you download your findings. Locating a second website to review your results is a breeze since all three types of tests for DNA are offered. Unfortunately, you aren’t able to transfer results from other sites to23andMe.

Price and price and

23andMe is available in two price two levels. For the PS79 test, PS79 test will provide you with information about your ancestry, while it’s PS149 version will give you both health and ancestry data.

In the UK There are a number of rivals that do not cover the ancestry. Also, you can read more about our guide to the most reliable DNA test, However, if you’re primary goal is to find relatives across the globe and you’re looking for a better solution, go by Ancestry (PS79 plus shipping) It includes a database that contains 14 million of samples, considerably greater than its main rivals, MyHeritage (PS75 + shipping), Living DNA (PS99 plus shipping) and Family Tree DNA ($79 to $649 depending on which tests you choose to purchase).

However, none of them offer the health test, and if are looking for information on your health 23andMe is your only choice. Do you think it’s worth it?

The process of DNA collection

After your order has been received, you will get a package in the mail. It appears like this:

The inside is made of plastic is filled with spit and then drained into a line. It’s not a enlightening process and, while I have a person documenting the process but I’m not going publish the photos to avoid becoming the next viral meme. It’s enough to say that filling the tiny vial can be a lot more difficult than it appears, since it’s not recommended to drink or eat food within 30 minutes before giving the sample, and saliva can cause performance anxiety.

Once you have filled it in, you upload the data back to 23andMe where scientists carry out their research. It’s a lengthy process which can take anywhere from about three to five weeks typically. Once your results are completed, you receive an email advising you to sign into your account.

The health outcomes

When they receive that email, the majority of people look up their health reports And, without a doubt that all the results are available to review, ranging from the trivial to life-changing.

The most serious, life-changing marker tests require you to go through a brief guide before you look at the test at the risk. It is important to note that risk isn’t the same as having a diagnosis and “not detected” is not an indication of having no risk.

While looking through them results, I discovered that I don’t possess any of the genes linked to a predisposition for any of the main illnesses and conditions that are that I was tested for, such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and colorectal cancer. It is possible that you are not so fortunate, and you must consider whether this is something you’d like to learn about before purchasing.

The most recent of these tests – cancer of the colorectal is a new test on 23andMe and was not in my test set when I made my summary. It’s great to see that the site is up to date with the most recent medical research and will ensure that your PS149 is more effective.

The ancestry result

The ancestry segment of 23andMe is as easy to use as the health section of things. It provides a comprehensive analysis of your DNA composition which is 75.1 percent British and Irish in my instance as well as the way you’re Maternal as well as Paternal Haplogroups have changed in the last between 180,00 and 275,000.

It also allows you to connect with DNA matches on the 23andMe database. This is definitely a plus however, it’s here that it’s a bit bare when compared to Ancestry. The first thing to note is that Ancestry was initially an online platform for creating, researching and creating family trees and all the tools needed to build one are included although the most useful features are hidden in an annual subscription. 23andMe had tools for creating family trees however, if it’s still available, I’m not able to find it and the FAQ doesn’t have any reference to it prior to 2015. and that doesn’t suggest a positive outcome.

However, even if it’s hidden away somewhere, it’s lost to Ancestry on a single point the size of the database. If you’re trying to find your relatives you’ll be able to have better chances using the 14 million robust Ancestry databases than the 23andMe’s 9 million. A non-scientific, but interesting test: 23andMe holds 1,135 DNA matches for me in its database. Ancestry has 37,846.

It could be about more important quality than quantity, or an indication of my living relatives’ area (i.e the fact that more Europeans have an Ancestry account than 23andMe) However, it’s important to mention when family tree building is the primary goal. However, unlike 23andMe Ancestry does not allow you to import results which means it’s either or the other.


This means that if you’re considering the PS79 Ancestry-only kit 23andMe isn’t worth the money. Instead, go instead to Ancestry instead. The possibility of building an entire family tree using the results of your DNA research makes it an even more attractive package overall.

If you’re interested in health however, the PS149 kit is competitive in the market. It’s unfortunate that the company doesn’t have the health-only option which allows you to mix and match. However, unlike 23andMe, it is the most extensive DNA testing kit that available.

Make sure that you wish to know the answer prior to placing an place an order.


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